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My grandmother and mother had Hysterectomies. They needed six weeks off work, were never the same again and required hormone treatment. If I have a Hysterectomy will this happen to me?

A Hysterectomy involves removing the uterus and does not involve removing the ovaries in the great majority of cases.  There are three ways of removing a uterus; vaginally, abdominally or laparoscopically. Michael performs almost all Hysterectomies laparoscopically.

The method of removal depends on the size of the uterus, whether it is mobile or not or whether there are other Gynaecological symptoms which may require treatment at the same time.

Many Hysterectomies were performed through a large laparotomy or horizontal incision in the abdomen in your mother’s day. These days the majority of Hysterectomies are performed either laparoscopically or through the vagina resulting in a 1-2 day hospital stay and a return to work in 2-4 weeks.

A Hysterectomy involves removing the uterus and the ovaries are not removed in the great majority of cases.  


What happens to my eggs after I have had a hysterectomy?

Eggs are microscopic structures which are released from the ovary, drop into the abdominal cavity and are absorbed within milliseconds. There are no ill effects as a result of this.


If I have a hysterectomy will my premenstrual symptoms disappear?

The only way to be sure that premenstrual symptoms will disappear after a Hysterectomy is to combine the surgery with removal of the ovaries.
This is a most uncommon procedure.
After a simple hysterectomy (removing the uterus, but leaving the ovaries intact) up to 75% of women over a 12 month period will find that their premenstrual symptoms will improve significantly.


After a Hysterectomy will the quality of my orgasm and my desire to have sex be diminished in any way?

The great majority of women who have a Hysterectomy will find that their libido (sex drive) will improve.  The symptoms that resulted in a Hysterectomy being performed often cause decreased libido.  After a Hysterectomy these symptoms improve as does libido.  In general terms the quality of orgasm is no different following Hysterectomy.


Should I have my cervix removed when I have a Hysterectomy?

The cervix is the lower part of the uterus and is not a separate structure.

There is no advantage in retaining the cervix.

  • Whether the cervix is removed or not has no effect on sexual function. 
  • Up to 10% of women who retain their cervix will have ongoing light periods following a Hysterectomy. 
  • If the cervix is retained ongoing cervical smears are required.

However, if a woman requests a Subtotal Hysterectomy (with retention of the cervix) this can be performed.

Do I need to have smears after a hysterectomy?

If there is no history of treatment for an abnormal smear in the past and the cervix is normal at the time of surgery, then no further smears are required.

If there has been past treatment to the cervix for CIN then annual smears from the top of the vagina will be required.